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Id red Stars with used abroad cancellations

Here are some used abroad cancels to look out for!

  098 : Platres (Cyprus)

582 : Naguabo (Porto Rico)

942 : Larnaka (Cyprus)

969 : Nicosia (Cyprus)

974 : Paphos (Cyprus)

975 : Famagusta (Cyprus)

981 : Limassol (Cyprus)

982 : Cyrenia (Cyprus)

A01 : Kingston (Jamaica)

A02 : Antigua (St Johns)

A03 : British Guiana (Demarara/Georgetown)

A04 : British Guiana (Berbice/New Amsterdam)

A05 : Bahamas (Nassau)

A06 : British Honduras (Belize)

A07 : Dominica (Roseau)

A08 : Montserrat

A09 : Nevis

A10 : St. Vincent

A11 : St. Lucia

A12 : St. Christopher

A13 : Virgin Islands (Tortola)
Spink Auction: 11026 - The Chartwell Collection - British Empire
Lot: 137 Virgin Islands Great Britain Cancelled "A13" at Tortola
B.P.A. Certificate (1974) SGZ1

A14 : Tobago

A15 : Grenada (St George’s)

A18 : Antigua (English Harbour)

A25 : Malta (from 1860 onwards)

A26 : Gibraltar (from 1860 onwards)

A27 Jamaica (Alexandria)

A28 Jamaica (Annotto Bay)

A29 Jamaica (Bath)

A30 Jamaica (Black River)

A31 Jamaica (Browns Town)

A3   Jamaica (Buff Bay)

A33 Jamaica (Chapelton)

A34 Jamaica (Claremont)

A35 Jamaica (Clarendon)

A36 Jamaica (Dry Harbour)

A37 Jamaica (Duncans)

A38 Jamaica (Ewarton)

A29 Jamaica (Falmouth)

A40 Jamaica (Flint River)

A41 Jamaica (Gayle)

A91 : Virgin Islands

B01 : Alexandria (Egypt)

B02 : Suez (Egypt)

B31: Sierra Leone

B32 : Buenos Aires (Argentine)

B53: Mauritius

B54: Seychelles

B62 and B64 British Naval Stations in Mauritius and Seychelles

B56 : Hongkong

B57 : Hongkong

B62 : Hongkong

C Constantinopel (Turkey, nowadays called Istanbul)

C28 : Montevideo (Uruguay)

C30 : Valparaiso (Chile)

C35 : Panama (Columbia)

C36 : Arica (Peru, since 1884 Chile)

C37 : Caldera (Chile)

C38 : Callao (Peru)

C39 : Cobija (Bolivia, since 1884 Chile)

C40 : Coquimbo (Chile)

C41 : Guayadil (Ecuador)

C42 : Islay (Peru)

C43 : Paita (Peru)

C51 : St. Thomas (Danish West-Indies)

C56 : Carthagena (Colombia)

C57 : Greytown (Nicaragua)

C58 : Havana (Cuba)

C59 : Jacmel (Haiti)

C60 : La Guaria (Venezuela)

C61 : San Juan (Porto Rico)

C62 : Santa Marta (Colombia)

C63 : Tampico (Mexico)

C64 : Vera Cruz (Mexico)

C81 : Bahia (Brasil)

C82 : Pernambuco (Brasil)

C83 : Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

C86 : Port Plate (Dominican Republic)

C87 : St. Domingo (Dominican Republic)

C88 : Santiago (Cuba)

D14 : Singapore (Straits Settlements)

D17 : Penang (now Malaysia)

D22 : Ciudad Bolivar (Venezuela)

D26 : St. Thomas (Spanish steamboat)

D27   Amoy, China

D28 Kiung Chow, China

D29 Hangkow, China

D30 : Hiogo/Kobe, Japan 1869-1879

D47 : Cyprus

D48 : Army headquarters of Cyprus

D74 : Pisco (Peru)

D87 : Iquique (Chile)

E53 : Port au Prince (Haiti)

E88 : Colon (Columbia)

F69 : Savanilla (Columbia)

F83 : Arroyo (Porto Rico)

F84 : Aquidilla (Porto Rico)

F85 : Mayaguez (Porto Rico)

F87 : Smyrna (Turkey)

F88 : Ponce (Porto Rico)

F89: Savanilla (Colombia

G Gibraltar (from 1857-59)

G06 : Beyrout

M : Malta (1857-59)

  M - Macao from 1860 onward

N2 - Nagasaki

Y1 - Yokohama


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